Cdlib - a CD-ROM/CD-R/CD-RW access library

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What's cdlib?

Cdlib is a CD-ROM/CD-R/CD-RW access library. It supports reading the whole structure of a CD. Cdlib supports reading all possible information contained on the media, including Media Catalog Number, International Standard Recording Code, CD-TEXT (from version 0.4.2) and all sub-channel data. Cdlib is released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2. Cdlib aims to be multiplatform, I tested it on linux and Win32.

Cdlib is written in C++, and uses a powerful object-oriented modular system to handle the data. You can create various objects for processing the user and sub-channel data. It's easily extendable with C++ object inheritance.

Cdlib for users

Cdlib contains a command-line interface for using cdlib without programming. This interface supports most functions that can be possible with the library. Beginnig with version 0.4, there's an option (cdrip) that can rip all data from a CD-ROM, even from copy-protected ones.


The author of cdlib is György Szombathelyi, e-mail address is

Maintained by György Szombathelyi