Kio_iso - an ISO9660 ioslave for KDE3






Kio_iso is a KDE 3 ioslave, for reading ISO-9660 (ECMA-119) file system images. It can read from a so-called .iso file, or directly from the CD-ROM device. The later has the ability to select from the recorded sessions.

Kio_iso uses libisofs for accessing the file system data.

Dowload it from here.

The current release is kio_iso 0.3. It's released on Friday, 13. dec. 2002.

What's missing from kio_iso?

  • High Sierra volume support (It's mainly libisofs' job, but I think there are no High Sierra CDs nowadays).
  • Session detection works on Linux only (it's easy to add for other platforms).
  • Interleaved file support.

Maintained by György Szombathelyi
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