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2002.10.24 0.4.4 binaries released!

I made binaries for cdlib-0.4.4. There are RPMs for Linux compiled with gcc 3.2 and 2.96, and there's a WIN32 version compiled with MS VC++ 5.0. Grab them from the download page. Note: The Win32 version requires MSVCP50.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL. These are not included in the zip file.

2002.10.24 Version 0.4.4 released!

  • Build system update (admin dir).
  • Fixes for CDROM_SEND_PACKET ioctl() interface. It works now (tested on linux 2.4.19 with ide-cd).
  • lec.cpp update from cdrdao 1.1.8.
  • TOC / MMC_TOCReader cleanups, CD-TEXT processing moved into TOC class.
  • Minor fixes.

2002.10.17 Version 0.4.3 released!

  • Win32 port (without mkisofs_CDReader and ParanoiaReader).
  • replaced libedc_ecc with Andreas Mueller's implementation (from cdrdao 1.1.7).
  • Many fixes.

2002.10.07 Version 0.4.2 released!

  • Implemented CD-TEXT reading in MMC_TOCReader.
  • Bugfixes in option parsing.
  • Some TOC-reading bugs are fixed.

2002.09.29 Version 0.4.1 released!

  • Don't use 0.4, it's full of bugs! (Releasing without testing leads to this) This release is a bugfix release.
  • Main functions should work (I hope).
  • Alternative variadic macro in msg_writer.h for older gccs.
  • Little changes in command line interface, getopt.h not used.

2002.09.26 Cdlib web page

A web page is ready for cdlib! It starts with the release of the version 0.4. (You are browsing it now :) )

2002.09.26 Version 0.4 released!

  • New command line interface command: cdrip - rips a whole cd!
  • This is the reason of the 0.4 version and not 0.3.3. It allows the creation of a perfect copy of the CD (even with protection!)
  • Fixed a memory allocation bug in MMC_TOCReader::readFullTOC().
  • More reliable index scanning with MMC_TOCReader.
  • Implemented the exporting into cdrdao's TOC file format.
  • Device scanning with libscg now faster.
  • Code cleanup (especially in TOC classes).
  • Other minor bug fixes.

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